When there is a big breakdown for our engine, most of the technicians can handle it. But some little problems, they’re hard to notice. Today we are going to introduce a case that happens when we are overhauling the oil circuit.

When the engine failure, the technicians will check inlet oil pipe, when dismantled the bolt on the pipe, or loosen it, then ignite the engine , they found that the diesel sprayed from the inlet pipe, they’ll decide it’s fine. And then check the next step.

In fact, Located on the top of the injector pump is the fuel inlet pipe. This is connected via a bolt. Unscrew the bolt that holds the fuel line onto the injector pump. it is a very important spare part when checking the oil circuit.

Inside this bolt, there is a very fine gauze filter (injector pump filter). It will be blocked with muck, Oil residue, So the fuel can’t go through. This is one of the causes of engine failure, but many people don’t know. We need to clean the gauze filter or replace it with a new, but we can’t just throw it away and install nothing, that would damage our injectors and shorten the service life of the injector.

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