How to solve the problem of black smoke from the engine?

In the construction working, we could often see the black smoke of the excavator. As we all know that the reason of the engine black smoke is insufficient combustion. The reasons are roughly divided into the intake system is blocked, the hydraulic pump power exceeds the engine, and the engine faulty , etc.

Only knows the reasons is not enough. We must find the most effective solution, because the black smoke of the excavator seems to be a small problem, but if it can not be solved in time, it may cause the excavator to burn the oil and even cause the engine to be damaged and overhauled.

Insufficient intake air or leakage of the intake pipe, due to the long-term use of the excavator, the damage of the intake hose and the pipe clamp may cause leakage of the pipe, large inhalation of dust, blockage of the air cooler, etc., which may cause black smoke. 

This kind of problem should be solved in time, otherwise the engine will have early wear and tear, and even the cylinder and other faults.

intake pipe

If the engine black smoke is too heavy and the power drop is relatively large, it is necessary to check whether there is oil leakage in the intake pipe of the turbocharger, the turbine impeller of the turbocharger, the presence or absence of breakage, wear and deformation of the blade, and the turbine. Whether there is scratch damage in the supercharger housing, and whether the impeller shaft clearance exceeds 3 mm. If so, you must replace the turbocharger.

Check if the wear and tearof diesel pump and injector for black smoke. The excavator is still powerful when the engine is black smoking, but the engine speed will drop (more than 200 rpm)

This is mainly caused by the failure of the diesel nozzle (can be used to break the cylinder test, check the quality of the injector). If the excavator is still difficult to start and there is black smoke, it is necessary to frequently add the starting fluid. This phenomenon requires checking the diesel pump..

injection pump

If the engine EGR valve is damaged or stuck, it will cause black smoke. If the EGR valve fails, the display screen will give an alarm.
This fault should be repaired in time, otherwise it will affect the efficiency of the engine, and it can waste more fuel.KOMATSU 6261-41-4900 VALVE ASS'Y (5)

When the engine smokes black, the excavator is weak, and the engine load sound is changed when it is working. It is likely that the hydraulic pump power exceeds the engine power, that caused black smoke.
At this point, first reduce the hydraulic pump flow and pressure. If the fault still exists after the hydraulic pump is adjusted to the normal value, then the engine fuel system must be checked. If the hydraulic pump flow and pressure cannot be reduced, then the hydraulic system components need to be checked.hydraulic pump0

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