Recently the CAT C7/9 reman injectors get hot sale in market, more and more supplier could supply them. Then the problem comes.

Some injectors were been sold at a very low price, let’s disclose thje reason in it.


As we all know, the injector is one of the most important parts for our engine, you must know the cost to repair an engine when it doesn’t work.  So a high quality injector can make your engine works longer.

Let see the two picture as below, which is normal reman injector in the market with lower price than us, another one is our injector.

C7 injector JYHY DIESEL C7 C9 injector

Some injector just been cleaned outside and change spare parts into copy one, the most important is the nozzle, it can influence the injector working life directly.

the Selling price is lower beacuse of the low cost.

We would like to show our injector detail as below:

1 . 100% new surface
The remanufacturing process involves a complete disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning. Extrude honing is a method that smooth’s and finishes rough surfaces, and is specifically used to remove burrs, polish surfaces, form radii, and accomplish a like-new finish and flow.

2 . Change all spare parts inside
Most of the spare parts inside like the nozzle, solenoid, repair kits, control valve, spool valve, middle valve.

The nozzle is Italy brand “FD”‘

The repair kits is USA original one and also the solenoid

other spare parts are all high quality same with CAT original one

3. High Advanced test equipment
The pump has been test by out professional CAT test bench to make sure every injector is high precision same with original one.

If you would like to spend USD30 more and choose JYHY DIESEL reman injector, we can make sure that the injector wokring time is much longer than normal injector. More details about the CAT C7 C9 injector or any comments, please contact us as below:

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