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  • Bosch high pressure Pump Fuel Metering Valve 0928400617 for Dongfeng Yuchai

Common Rail Pressure Control Valve, Pressure regulator Bosch 0928400617                  


ITEM:SCV Valve Fuel Pump Suction Control Valve 0928400617
Part number 0928400617
Net weight:0.3kg
Gross weight:0.4kg
Material:High-speed Steel
Certificate:CE , ISO9001
Packaging Details:1 piece/box
Warranty:12 month
Delivery Time:Within 1-3 days after payment , you can receive goods Within 6-12 day
Stock:In Stock , cannot be naked without packing in air for a long time
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The fuel pressure control valve comprises a fuel-cooled solenoid valve. The valve opening is varied by its solenoid coil being pulse width modulated at a frequency of 1 KHz.When the pressure control valve is not activated, its internal spring maintains a fuel pressure of about 100 Bar. When the valve is activated, the force of the electromagnet aids the spring, reducing the opening of the valve and so increasing fuel pressure. The fuel pressure control valve also acts as a mechanical pressure damper, smoothing the high frequency pressure pulses emanating from the radial piston pump when less than three pistons are activated.