Project Description

  • test bench for CAT HEUI
  • Heui test bench

    HEUI test bench 

Heui and common rail injector test bench

HEUI/CRI-TEST BENCH is high pressure common rail injector and middle pressure combination
test bench. Measuring the injected fuel quantity & return volume under sealing performance, idling ,
pre-injection and middle-speed, full-loaded, and so on status.
User can add , edit and print the data by themselves.
Equipped with high precision flow sensor to confirm the testing precision.
Injector testing
1. Cleaning: High pressure cleaning for the impurities inside the injectors.
2. Testing the injection and return volume under VL, TL, LL, VE and VE2 status.
3. Atomization test: to judge whether the injector is blocked through the atomization effect.
4. Sealing test: check whether nozzle, nozzle cap nut and solenoid valve leaks oil.
5. Test solenoid valve injectors of different models automatically
6. Test piezo injectors of different models automatically

Test Piezo injector assembly of large resistance value(>2.5 Ohm).

8.HEUI/CRI-TEST BENCH is high pressure common rail injector and middle pressure

combination test bench, which is originated by our company, can test

CAT 3126

CAT 3408


System advantage.

1. Full automatic operation with Windows XP system.

2. Embedded industrial computer system: high speed operation and stable performance.

3. Inset test plan same as original Bosch test bench, test accuracy of our machine can be

compared with Bosch bench.

4. Powerful database of over 1000 kinds of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens injectors.

5. Separate management of injector and pump database with memory function. The

database can be edited, saved, modified and regularly updated.

6. Users can choose to test step by step or continuous test

7.Users can choose to take the automatic judgment by computer or by themselves.

8. Self-protection under overheat, oil mist, overpressure and low oil level. It will be showed

by the indicator lamp.

9. Support multi-language version such as Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French,

Russian etc.

10.Remote control is convenient for service and software upgrade.

11. Support customized products and application.

Power supply:

We provide three types of model three-phase, 380V/50Hz, three-phase 220V/60Hz and

two-phase 220V/60Hz in convenient for the different need of power supply in different