Project Description

Electronic Actuator Generator Genset Controller ACD175A-24V

The electric actuator of the 175 series is designed to be mounted directly on a Bosch P fuel injection pump, with right hand support, instead of the mechanical governor. When the actuator 175 is installed in the fuel pump, optimal performance, results of the long-term fuel control system. An external fuel shut off lever is provided to manually override actuator control. An adjustable internal fuel limit is also provided.
The electric actuator of the 175 series can control fuel pumps of up to 8 cylinders. The actuator was designed with two isolated cameras. The upper chamber is damp with oil and contains the connection to the fuel rack and an optional manual closing mechanism! The sealed lower chamber contains the electromagnetic components.
This design eliminates the possibility of magnetic particles or other oil contaminants interfering with the operation of the electric actuator! Unreliable devices, such as bellows and sliding seals, are not used so maintenance is not required. The designed life of the actuator is generally longer than that of the motor.
The actuator of the 175 series can also be supplied with a position sensor that allows the use of the actuator in a fuel management system.

The specifications
Strength: 6.2 Ib. (27.5 N)
Running stroke: 0.80 inches. (21mm)
Response time (10-90%, 2-19mm): 35 msec

Input power
Operating voltage: 12 or 24 VDC
Operating current Normal: 4 A 12 VDC
2 A 24 VDC
Maximum continuous-nominal continuous current: 5 , 8 A 12 VDC
3.1 A 24 VDC
Operating temperature: -40 to + 200 · F (-40 to + 95 ° C)
Relative humidity: up to 100%
Vibration: 20g. 20-500Hz
Shock: 20g to 11 msec.
Dimensions: see figure 2
Weight: 4.75 Ib. (2.2 kg)
Assembly: requires
P3000 camshaft bearing support kit pump: KT275
P7000 pump: KT276
Coupling connector: EC1300
Coupling Cable Harness: CH1215

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