Project Description

Taiwan Eee digital display height gauge 0-25.4mm 0-50.8mm

Taiwán Eee medidor de altura de pantalla digital 0-25.4mm 0-50.8mm

ITEM: Eee 0-25.4mm Digital Micrometers
Opinion:0-25.4mm 0-50.8mm
More opinion:0-5MM/0.01MM Dial Indicator,0-12.7MM/0.01MM Dial Indicator,0-25.4MM/0.01MM Dial Indicator,0-50.8MM/0.01MM Dial Indicator,0-100MM/0.01MM Dial Indicator,0-5MM/0.001MM Dial Indicator,0-12.7MM/0.001MM Dial Indicator,0-25.4MM/0.001MM Dial Indicator,0-50.8MM/0.001MM Dial Indicator,0-100MM/0.001MM Dial Indicator,Marble Table Base 100*150MM,Marble Table Base 150*200MM,Marble Table Seat 200*300MM
Net weight:0.5kg
Condition:Original new
Packaging Details:1pcs/box
Warranty:3 month
Delivery Time:Within 1-3 days after payment
Shipping Way:DHL , FedEx , UPS , TNT , EMS , ARAMEX , By Air, by SEA
Payment Terms:T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram , Ect.
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