Project Description

DEUTZ BFM1013 Control Unit OEM NO: 04194979/ 02112688/ 02112850/ 02112700

Weight: 0.8KG

Size: 150mm*110mm*50mm

Engine Models: BF4M1012/C/EC





Other DEUTZ parts

NO.Part NumberProductEngine Model
10211 3002Fuel inject pumpBFM1013/2012
20118 0928Starter 12VBFM1013/2012
30118 1665solenoidBFM1013/2012
40118 1909filter elementBFM1013/2012
50118 2264glow plugBFM1013/2012
60118 2600BF4M2012 Rib belt 10PK-1487BFM1013/2012
70118 2792OIL PRESSUR SWITCHBFM1013/2012
80118 2792oil pressure switchBFM1013/2012
90118 3235TCDL2013 / BFM2012 Starter 12VBFM1013/2012
100118 3574BF6M1013 Spin-on oil filterBFM1013/2012
110118 0597TCD 4L20122V Spin-on fuel filterBFM1013/2012
120118 1178BFM1013 Oil sealBFM1013/2012
130118 2702BFM2012 Water temperature sensorBFM1013/2012
140118 2702BFM2012 Water temperature sensorBFM1013/2012
150118 3067starterBFM1013/2012
160118 3574DEUTZ BF6M1013 Spin-on oil filterBFM1013/2012
170211 1519Reverse the fuel valveBFM1013/2012
180211 2671fuel transfer pumpBFM1013/2012
190211 2673fuel transfer pumpBFM1013/2012
200211 2960DEUTZ BFM1013 InjectorBFM1013/2012
210211 3001BFM1013 Fuel inject. pumpBFM1013/2012
220211 3132DEUTZ BF4M2012 Fuel injectorBFM1013/2012
230211 3757BFM2012 Fuel transfer pumpBFM1013/2012
240211 3790SolenoidBFM1013/2012
250211 1918DEUTZ High pressure pipeBFM1013/2012
260211 1961hand pumpBFM1013/2012
270211 2357DEUTZ High pressure pipeBFM1013/2012
280211 2673BFM1013 Fuel transfer pumpBFM1013/2012
290211 2860DEUTZ BFM1013 Fuel pumpBFM1013/2012
300292 9430DEUTZ BFM1013 Main bearing STDBFM1013/2012
310293 1905DEUTZ BF4M2012 Fuel injectorBFM1013/2012
320293 7441BFM1013 water pumpBFM1013/2012
330293 1881TCD2013 BFM1013 Thrust washerBFM1013/2012
340293 7441BFM1013 water pumpBFM1013/2012
350410 2478oil pumpBFM1013/2012
360410 3812Solenoid 12VBFM1013/2012
370417 3990turbochargerBFM1013/2012
380419 9903shutdownBFM1013/2012
390419 9904deutz shutdownBFM1013/2012

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