Project Description

Delivery Valve F842 for injection pump BH6P110

1131160-192002AISUZU 4BD1T 6BD1T 4BD1
2131160-222005AISUZU 4BE1 MITSUBISHI 6BD1 6D14
3 00810-0070070 
4131160-262009AMITSUBISHI 6D14T 6D16
600810-0107 107 
7131160-292012AHINO W06D YF02  Nissan FD33 FD35
800810-0125 125 
10131110-2920A9Nissan SD33/SD25/TD42
11131160-4520A26HINO EH700
12131160-4720A28ISUZU 10PA1 10PB1 12PB1 4BB1 4FE1 6BB1 KOMATSU 4D105 MITSUBISHI 6D14 6D14T 6D14WT 6D15 Nissan FD33 FD33T FD6T ND6 NE6B NE605 TD23 TD27 TD42 
13131110-5220A33ISUZU 4BD1T 6BD1T 4BB1 4BD1 6BB1 6BD1-T
14131110-6820A49ISUZU 4BD1 12PB1 4JB1 8PC1 KOMATSU 4D95L 4D95S 6D95L S4D95L S6D95L SA6D95L 6D105 MITSUBISHI 4D31CT 4D31PT 4D31 6D31T Nissan FD33 FD6 FD614 FD6T FE6A NE6T
15131110-7620A57KOMATSU S6D105(PC200-3)
16131110-7720A58KOMATSU S6D105 S4D95L
17131110-8020A61DAEWOO D0846 KOMATSU S6D102
18131110-9420A75ISUZU 6BD1 6BG1 4BD1
19131160-0320A84MITSUBISHI 6D15T 6D14T
20131160-0420A85HINO W04CT1 WO4C-T1 W06D-T1 ISUZU 4BC2 MITSUBISHI 4D31PT 4D31T 6D31 6D31T Nissan FD33T FD35TA
21131160-0520A86ISUZU 4BC2
22131160-1120A92KHD 6L913 413/413T
2300810-0F97 F97 

Export to Middle East 35%
Export to Asia 15%
Export to Europe and America 30%
Other Area 20%