Project Description

  • Common rail injector and HEUI test bench

CR308 HEUI and Common rail test bench                                                                                        

–BOSCH CP3.3 common rail pump
–BOSCH original common rail +DRV
–Common rail system motor Power 5.5KW
–HEUI drive power:3KW
–Oil system pressure automatic adjustment system
–Diesel tan)heating,cooling,liquid level,temperature sensor,temperature security)
–Oil tank(heating,cooling,liquid level,temperature sensor)
–Industrial PC(with touch screen,built-in WIFI remote training,service,upgrade)
–Flow meter(German ZDM) injector flow sensor
–Flow meter(German KRACHT) oil flow sensor
–Drive circult board(solenoid valve electric parameters:to enhance the voltage,current,time,pull in
voltage,current,time,keep voltage,current,time,according to the setting of the parameters of
production factory
Test of all the manufacturers of common rail injector
Test all of the manufacturers of piezo injectors
Test CAT HEUI (Oil common rail) injector
Test all of the common rail pump with ZME*
Test DENSO HP0 pump*
Test CAT HEUI enginer oil pump*
Test CAT 320D common rail pump*
Test EUI EUP*a