Project Description

CR-NT819B common rail test bench


  1. Application: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens common rail injector and pump.
  2. Pump test: measure feeding and return volume, pump chamber pressure, feeding pressure, check sealing performance, and functions of ZME valve.
  3. Injector test: measure the injected fuel quantity & return volume under full-loaded, idling, pre-injection and Emission status.
  4. Cleaning the injectors while testing.
  5. Testing 4-6 oil injectors in one setup.
  6. Testing pump nozzle & electronic unit pump by additional programming system & adaptor.
  7. User can add and edit the data by themselves.
  8. Save and print the testing results & customer information.
  9. Support software upgrading.


  1. Full-automatic operation procedure, save the time to set up the data.
  2. High import configuration: takes up 50% of equipment cost.
  3. Bosch common rail system (external connection DRV to Bosch rail with DRV) is used.
  4. Original Bosch CP1 common rail pump is equipped.
  5. Germany flow sensor: flow range 0.5-2L/min, test precision 1%.
  6. Remote control is convenient for software upgrading and after-sale service.
  7. Frequency converter is used to change the rotation speed.
  8. Support Multi-language

Main technical parameters:

  1. Rated output power: 11KW, 15KW optional
  2. Oil pump rotation speed: 0-3500rpm
  3. Test rang of rail pressure: 0-1800bar
  4. Test precision of rail pressure:±0.6Mpa
  5. Test precision of flow sensor: 1%
  6. Measuring rang of flow sensor: 0.5-2L/Min
  7. Temperature of test oil:40±2℃
  8. Filter precision of test oil: less than 5μ
  9. Capacity of tank: 80L
  10. Dimension: 1760X830X1650MM
  11. Aggregate weight: 800KG
  12. Electricity: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase