Project Description

JYHY DIESEL gives Sales and Service support for diesel engine parts, like CAT, DEUTZ, VOLVO, CUMMINS, Bosch, Denso, Delphi, etc. are in our scope of supply. Control valve, solenoid, nozzle, gasket kits, common rail injector, injection pump are also available.

We can provide complete solutions for diesel parts testing also, test bench, test tools etc.

Export to Middle East 35%
Export to Asia 15%
Export to Europe and America 30%
Other Area 20%

BOSCH AUDI 2.0 FUEL PUMP 0445010507 03L130755 0445010508 0986437409 03L130851AX

Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
AudiA42.0 d120-1702007-CAGA, CAGB, CAGC, CAHA, CAHB, CMEA, TDI, 8K2, 8K5, 8KH, B8
AudiA52.0 d136-1702008-CAGA, CAGB, CAGC, CAHA, CAHB, CMEA, TDI, 8F7, 8T3, 8TA
AudiA62.0 d136-1702008-CAGB, CAHA, CAHB, TDI, TDI e, 4F5, 4F2, C6
AudiQ52.0 d136-1702008-2010CAGA, CAGB, CAHA, CAHB, TDI, 8RB
AudiTT2.0 d1702008-2010CBBB, TDI, 8J3, 8J9, Roadster
SeatAltea2.0 d140-1702009-2010CEGA, TDI, 4WD, 5P1, 5P5, 5P8, Freetrack, XL
SeatExeo2.0 d120-1702008-CAGA, CAGC, CAHA, TDI, 3R2, 3R5, ST
SeatLeon2.0 d1702009-CEGA, TDI, 1P1
SkodaOctavia2.0 d1702008-2014CEGA, TDI, RS, 1Z3, 1Z5
SkodaSuperb2.0 d1702008-2015CBBB, TDI, 4×4, 3T4, 3T5
SkodaYeti2.0 d140-1702009-2010CBDB, CEGA, TDI, 4×4, 5L7
VWAmarok2.0 d2010-
VWEos2.0 d1402008-2010CBAB, TDI, 1F7
VWGolf2.0 d110-1702008-2010CBAA, CBAB, CBBB, CBDA, CBDB, CBDC, TDI, 521, 4Motion
VWJetta2.0 d136-1702008-2010CBDA, CBDB, CEGA, TDI, 1K2
VWPassat2.0 d110-1702008-2010CBAA, CBAB, CBAC, CBBB, CBDC, TDI, 4Motion, 3C2, 357, CC, 3C5
VWScirocco2.0 d140-1702008-2010CBBB, CBDB, TDI, 137
VWTiguan2.0 d136-1702007-2011CBAA, CBAB, CBBA, CBBB, TDI, 4Motion, 5N1
VWAmarok2.0 d122-1632010-CDBA, CDCA, TDI, BiTDI, 4Motion, 2H, S1B
VWGolf2.0 d1402009-CBDB, CJAA, TDI, 5K1, AJ5