Project Description

3056009 Cummins L10 Actuator Disc

Part number:


Application:Cummins L10 Engine
Net weight: 0.1kg
Condition:Original new

Precision machining, careful assembly and testing

Reliable quality and stable performance

Packaging Details:1 pcs/bag
Warranty:6 month
Delivery Time:Within 1-3 days after payment
Shipping Way:DHL , FedEx , UPS , TNT , EMS , ARAMEX , By Air, by SEA
Payment Terms:T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram , Ect.

The Cummins L10 engine is a 10litre diesel engine of the Cummins B series. It was introduced in the late 1980s and is still in production today. The Cummins L10 engine is a heavyduty engine used in a variety of commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. It is available in both a naturally aspirated and a turbocharged version, with the turbocharged version providing higher output and more torque. The Cummins L10 engine is known for its fuel economy, durability, and reliability, making it a popular choice for many applications. It also has a long service life, with most engines lasting for several hundred thousand miles before needing to be replaced. The Cummins L10 engine is also known for its ability to run on a variety of fuel types, including diesel, biodiesel, and natural gas.

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