Project Description

Plug Injector Orifice For Cummins Engine Parts 179342 131098 3045017

Throttle Control

  • Eight position multi-throttle control. For use with PTG/Auto/Dual Spring/AFC fuel pump. Orifice plugs to suit both 395BHP (400PS) @ 1900RPM and 414BHP (420PS) @ 2000RPM. Orifice plugs fitted as follows. 3044996 (.021″) + 173085 (blank) 3045017 (.042″) + 173085 (blank) 3045033 (.058″) + 173085 (blank) 3045000 (.025″) + 173085 (blank) 173085 (blank)
Part number:

179342 131098 3045017

Application:CUMMINS NH/NT 855 (D091380RX02)
Net weight: 0.005 kgs
Condition:Original new

Precision machining, careful assembly and testing

Reliable quality and stable performance

Packaging Details:10pcs/bag
Warranty:6 month
Delivery Time:Within 1-3 days after payment
Shipping Way:DHL , FedEx , UPS , TNT , EMS , ARAMEX , By Air, by SEA
Payment Terms:T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram , Ect.

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Export to Europe and America 30%
Other Area 20%

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