How does the ECU work? Simply it like a general command process: “thinking”, “command” and finally “confirm”

“Reconnaissance” isbeen finished by the sensor, the sensor is responsible for the entire engine “reconnaissance”, in an engine,there are many sensors, big or small. Throttle position sensor, crankshaft speed sensor, oxygen sensor, crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, intake air temperature sensor, water temperature sensor, knock sensor, they are the basic sensors in a car engine. Sensors are everywhere, they are responsible for collecting relevant information, and make them in a form of electrical signals transfer to the ECU, through the analog-digital converter A / D into a digital signal, through the operation the ECU can determine the working state of the engine, This is the ECU “thinking” process.

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It’s All About the Sensors

Electronic engine management is all about getting accurate information from the engine’s environment and then sending out accurate signals to the control mechanisms of the engine. In a typical system you have the following input sensors:
1. throttle position of the accelerator
2. air temperature in the intake manifold
3. air pressure (or weight of the air) in the intake manifold
4. a measure of the residual oxygen in the exhaust manifold (the O2 sensor)
5. engine rpm
6. camshaft position
7. crankshaft position
8. engine load, usually as a function of manifold vacuum pressure
9. engine coolant temperature

After the completion of “thinking”, the ECU need to do is the next step “command”. The injector is controlled by ECU, responsible for adjusting the fuel injection and fuel injection time, while the pump is responsible for supplying the fuel; Other actuators are all controlled by ECU after receiving the signal from sensors. After that, the ECU needs to receive the data again to confirm to finish a closed loop control.
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