The injector is installed on the cylinder head, nozzle is deep into the diesel engine combustion chamber,working under high temperature and pressure and gas corrosion environment for long time, the interior parts are subjected to high-speed flow of fuel and the impact of micro-mechanical impurities in the repeated scouring of fuel, it is extremely easy to wear and corrosion, so the injector is one of the easiest parts get faults in the diesel fuel system.
(1)  Bad atomization of Injector
When the injection pressure is too low, spray hole wear and carbon blocking, spring end wear or elasticity drop, will cause the injector open in advance, delayed closed, and Bad Spray atomization.
If it’sthe Single-cylinder diesel engine, then it can not work, if the multi-cylinder diesel, then the power down, there is black smoke when Exhausting, the sound of machine running is abnormal. In addition, because the diesel droplet size is too large that can not be fully burned, then will flow
into the oil pan by cylinder wall, so that the oil surface increased, viscosity decline, lubrication deterioration, also may cause cylinder burning accident.
Solution: The injector should be disassembled, cleaned, overhauled and  calibrating.
(2) Return pipe of injector breakage
When the needle valve is worn seriously or the needle valve body and the injector shell are not tight enough,the quantity of injector oil return increases obviously, some can reach 0.1~0.3 kg/h. If the return pipe is damaged or leaking, the return of oil will be lost, resulting in waste.
Therefore, the return pipe must be intact and sealed so that the oil can flow into the fuel tank smoothly. If the return pipe is connected to the diesel filter, the terminal should be installed with a one-way valve to prevent diesel poured into the injector from the filter.
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