(5)The abrasion of needle valve head

The nozzle needle valve head was impacted frequently by the reciprocating movement of neddle valve, it will gradually form small pit after a long time, thereby it increase the needle valve stroke, and affect the  injector working.
Solution: The needle valve can be clamped to the grinder for grinding the head surface,  then grind on the glass plate with grinding paste.

(6)Oil leakage of the combined hole between injector and cylinder head 

When the injector are installed into cylinder head, should clear the carbon carefully in the installation hole, the copper washers must be flat, avoid asbestos plate or other materials to replace the copper washers, to prevent bad heat dissipation or can not be sealed.
If made copper washer by yourself, it must be processed according to the specified thickness with red copper to ensure that the distance of the injector protruding int othe cylinder meets the technical standard. In addition, the injector clamp plate concave should be installed downward, fasten it in balance, tighten it bytorque according to the stardard specification, otherwise the injector head will be slant and cause the leakage of oil.